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Interim Ministry Network
Since 1980, the Interim Ministry Network has dedicated itself to the health and wellness of church congregations. The wellness of churches is influenced by three kinds of learned leadership skills: prevention of unhealthy practices before they take root, maintenance of congregational health during times of stress or change, and restorative care when it is required.

The Alban Institute
Founded in 1974, The Alban Institute is an ecumenical interfaith organization which supports congregations through book publishing, educational seminars, consulting services, and research. It offers practical assistance in working with congregations, garnered by continually learning from — and sharing that knowledge with — thousands of congregations and denominational bodies. Alban is dedicated to pursuing new knowledge in the fields of sociology, human relations, and organizational development, and disseminating original research through books, educational seminars, and consulting and training services.

The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (LMPC)
LMPC is a non-profit ministry that works to encourage the nonviolent transformation of conflict in relationships in homes, workplaces, schools, churches, and throughout our world. Its programs and resources address ways of resolving conflicts and building healthier relationships in all of these various settings.